Get Involved

There are several ways you can help this project:

  1. Y-DNA Testing–Get your Y-DNA tested if you are male, and get a male relative tested if you are female. The more genetic data we have to compare, the more completely we will be able to infer family connections and migration patterns.  Because our project is at Family Tree DNA, you must test through them.  It also is possible to transfer (for a cost) results from other labs such as Ancestry or Sorenson. If you need help and your lineage is one that will benefit our project, we may be able to use our donation fund.  Because our project requires prior approval to join, you need to either already have been tested or send a join request at the same time that you buy a kit.  Click here to send a request.
  2. Locating Testing Candidates–Help locate living male offspring of the families listed here. We need males with these surnames with a documented pedigree at least back to the 17th century. The person being tested does not have to know for sure there is a connection to Frankfurt. If someone in your family matches someone in our group, we’ll have established a connection and try to help you with the paper trail.
  3. Donations for Test Kits–If you have interest in knowing the Y DNA for one of your lines, please consider making a full or partial donation to cover the cost of a DNA kit.  If you let us know exactly how you want these funds used, we will earmark them to only be used as you wish.   Our genealogical assistance is provided free to anyone who is a descendant of one of the ancestral lines in our project. Any donations go directly to Family Tree DNA and can only be used to pay for DNA testing.  We are not Family Tree DNA employees, only volunteers.  We will be able to direct the funds toward a specific test, but can’t access our fund balance. Donate Here
  4. Research, DNA Analyisis, etc.–We can also use DNA analysis expertise and other skills. Contact us for more ways you can get involved.
  5. Like us on Facebook (click here) and post links to our website to help us increase traffic to our website and help us grow.